𝟐𝟐𝟔 𝟗𝟖𝟖 𝟓𝟐𝟕𝟖

What type of customization do you offer?

Our bicycles are highly customizable and offer extra clearance for more narrow or wider tires.
We carry multiple sizes in-shop and are ready to be swapped in.
Additional improvements such as bike racks, mud fenders and disc brakes can be installed on all bicycles.

Does SWIFT Bicycles accomodate for tall, short and heaver riders?

We carry multiple size frames to accomodate for all heights. 
Riders up to 6’4 will find comfort in our bicycles, however further modifications to the handlebar stem to accomodate for taller riders. 
SWIFT Bicycles are rated for 220LBS to 240LBS depending on the model. If these limits are exceeded, the bicycle frame will have a reduced lifespan due to extensive wear.

What does the Bike Servicing include?

One Year of Bike Servicing includes:
-Inspection of tires and tubes, top up air pressure if needed
-Inspection and adjustment of spoke tension
-Inspection and adjustment of gears and drive train
-Inspection and adjustment of brake system
-Inspection and tightening of all nuts and bolts
-Lubrication of drive train and all related parts
*Excessive spoke tensioning will result in a $5 service charge. (15 Minutes or Greater)
SWIFT Bicycles will have the serial number stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket shell. This is located on the frame, near the crank area.